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6 Things That Will Help You Improve Your Productivity

6 Things That Will Help You Improve Your Productivity

Are you struggling to balance your work, personal and social life? Consider these 6 tips to manage your time and improve your productivity.

Eat the Frog First

That’s right, make that unpleasant phone call, write that email, or start the first steps to that massive project that you’ve been putting off before working on anything else.

“Frogs” hang over your head and fill you with remorse because you keep making excuses not to do them. Not doing these things only drag you down, so get them done before anything else at the start of your day, that way it is done and you can stop feeling guilty and get on with the real important things!

Author Michael Hyatt terms it as ‘kill your dragons before breakfast’. When you do that, it creates a sense of confidence that make other tasks look small.

If you can’t finish that task in a day, at least start on it. What are you waiting for? 

Recommended Reading: “Eat that Frog, 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating” by Brian Tracy

Intentional Activity

A day full of drafting and replying to e-mails, attending meetings, and making important phone calls… sound familiar?

Interruptions, lack of focus and a lack of planning can fill an ordinary day at work. With so many hacks and tricks out there for efficiency,  small improvements can reduce or eliminate some of the everyday disruptions and improve productivity considerably.

Ditch your Phone

Technology is an enabler of our lives, but a quick glance on your social feed can turn into wasted hours of scrolling. Mindless scrolling on mobile devices not only harms productivity; it stifles brain development. It has been reported that having a phone within reach makes it increasingly hard to focus because a percentage of the mind has to work actively not to pick up the device or use it.

Now consider all the hours you can spare and the things you can do when you’re away from your telephone while working.  Is all the time and effort spent on your mobile device worth sacrificing time for what really matters?

Say NO to Multitasking

Rather than using your brainpower to deal with multiple projects at once, create a list of tasks planned for the day and set time aside for each.

Performing multiple tasks is an enticing yet unproductive habit at work or home. Instead of concentrating on ten different projects at once, it is smarter to take two or three minutes to plan your day and handle one task at a time. A study conducted at London University found that people who have multitasked in psychological assignments have reported a decrease in IQ comparable to an individual who has stayed up all night.

When you perform and complete one task at a time your day will end with a sense of achievement.

Refresh Yourself by Taking Breaks

Does it feel like 24 hours in a day are not enough? Particularly when we have tasks and strict deadlines, we refrain from taking breaks or any activity that could refresh you. Here are some proven facts to change your perspective on refreshing yourself:

Positive changes in your mental & physical health

Being seated for a long time can put you at an increased risk of depression, diabetes, and obesity. Make time to get up from your workspace, do some stretching and take a stroll, listen to music to refresh mentally and physically

Enabling creativity

The enemy of creativity is to work long hours without taking a break. More hours of work will drain your energy, and you will not be able to create any new idea. Big ideas come up when you don’t anticipate them. So, take that break, tune in to music, revive yourself to increase your odds of finding creative ideas.

Use Your Commute Time

Don’t we waste this time to play candy crush, scroll through social media or sleep. Travel time can be used efficiently to draft e-mails, create your daily task list, or come up with fresh ideas while you look through the window of the train or bus.  If you are self-driving, use the time to listen to interesting audio books or podcasts.

Become Proactive and not Reactive

Allowing incoming phone calls and e-mails to interrupt your day will leave you constantly fighting fires.  Set aside time to respond to e-mails, but don’t let them determine what your day will look like.   Switch off your non-work alerts during work hours, and instead build in time for reviewing e-mails and messages. Being proactive aids in increasing your productivity in life.

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