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Our No.1 GOAL

Genius Planner is the only fun to use Rewards-Based High-Productivity tool which aligns Purpose, Passions and Values with everyday activities.

help people rise to their full potential

Our Purpose

The future of our global society lies in a higher level of consciousness with global citizens living to their full potential and making daily meaning impacts on their lives and society as a whole. Our mission is to provide them with the tools they need to achieve this.
We only partner with purposeful companies and individuals who support our mission to help the people of world live fuller lives.

Our Culture

  • Global – Team of Global thinkers, looking to solve global issues and impact the world.
  • encouraging – Always helping each other, our partners and our users rise to the best possible self.
  • innovative – Always looking for better and more efficient ways to deliver on our promises.
  • inspiring – Everyone inspiring through example. Putting our User’s journey first.
  • unique – It is not in our nature to be the same. Inspiration though uniqueness and innovation
  • smart – Continuously Focusing on the most measurable, impactful and purposeful change.

Your Impact VIA B1G1 (Business for Good)

Giving Story by Genius Planner

When you vote on our logo we will sponsor a meal for a homeless person in South Africa,

I give 1 nourishing meal to a homeless person in South Africa.

75 nourishing meals were given to homeless people in South Africa

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Giving Story by Genius Planner

When you Sign-up,

I give 1 nourishing meal to a homeless person in South Africa.

0 nourishing breakfast meals were given to people in need

find us on B1G1

“I’m super excited that we are partnering with Genius Planner. This is an absolutely fantastic tool for our members, citizens and mentors, to really get to know how well they are living life in their “ikigai” and in their flow. It’s easy to use, very practical to improve your productivity and effectiveness and best of all it’s fun!”

Michelle Clarke, Chief Partnerships Officer - GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute

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