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Entrepreneur 5.0

Congratulations on upgrading to the Citizen Level on GeniusU and furthering your Entrepreneur 5.0 Journey!

Genius Planner has joined forces with GeniusU and Entrepreneur’s Institute to provide you with the tools needed to prosper in 2020 and beyond, so you can be part of Humanity 5.0.

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“I’m super excited that we are partnering with Genius Planner. This is an absolutely fantastic tool for our members, citizens and mentors, to really get to know how well they are living life in their “ikigai” and in their flow. It’s easy to use, very practical to improve your productivity and effectiveness and best of all it’s fun!”

Michelle Clarke, Chief Partnerships Officer - GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute

The Genius Planner

A LIFE TOOL – Not Just Another Planner

There are many productivity tools on the market, but none provide the user with a sense of purpose. There is NO tool that helps people track and align their efforts to their purpose, passions and values. There is NO tool offers customizable dashboards and metrics. Furthermore, in our fast-paced world the reward for task and goal completion, is just more tasks.

The Genius Planner will give you time to rise in a fun and rewarding environment, aligning actions and daily routines with your goals and your passions, values and purpose. The Genius Planner keeps track of your day so you don’t have to.

The Genius Planner is a web and mobile application where busy people can manage and align their lives. Offering easy to read dashboards, intuitive goal setting, daily time management and task tracking. The Personal coach portal allows you to share your life with your personal coach. Daily motivational games and awards sponsored our value partners.


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