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Genius Planner has partnered with GeniusU to deliver quality education, mentoring and coaching.

Genius U is the first online training & mentoring university for entrepreneurs committed to finding their flow. This platform offers specific guidance for your business based on your genius type and your wealth level. Get mentored on specific genius type and your wealth level. Get mentored on specific genius guides and missions which are in collaboration with coaches who are experts in the fields of wealth, fitness, wellness, finance and enterpreneurship. Find your genius and then enhance it further using the online training & mentoring university.


Your Genius Microdegree

Which path would support you to feel like a genius? When you follow your natural genius, you live life with less resistance – and joy and success naturally flow towards you. Take the simple and free Genius Test and discover your genius.


Your Purpose Microdegree

Finally discover your true ‘why’ with the Purpose Test, and learn the key steps to align your daily life to your deepest meaning and motivation. Align with others who have the same purpose as you and give back through our partners, Buy1Give1.


Your Passion Microdegree

How can you align your life to your passions? With this microdegree you will gain clarity about how to align your life to your most important passions. Learn how to redesign how you learn, live, earn and give in a way that sparks your passions. Find out how to connect your team and customers to their passions in a way that creates powerful, lasting impact. Take the free Passion Test.


Find Your Flow Microdegree

How can you use GeniusU to design your ideal life and business? With this microdegree you will gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you on GeniusU.


Wealth Dynamics Microdegree

Through this microphone you will discover which of the 8 entrepreneur paths is yours, and how this insight will transform the way you design your ideal business. The Wealth Dynamics test has nearly been taken by one million people around the world, and helped them to align their life to where their natural flow is.


The Millionaire Master Plan Microdegree

Learn which of the nine levels of the wealth spectrum you are currently at, and how understanding this master plan is critical to knowing the next step you will need to take in your entrepreneurial journey.

“education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

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