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“Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology _ Coaching has evolved into a much more sophisticated profession based on knowledge from any other disciplines” – The National Post

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"Assumptions are the Termites of Relationships." - Henry Winkler

Being a mentor to a client is a big responsibility. Getting to know your client is paramount to being able to assist them in their success journey. It takes time and effort to collect all the information on your client. Not only what their passions, purpose and values are, but how they rate themselves, their progress, what they’ve done and are planning to do in each of these areas.

And then where do you find keep all this information?

Finally, there is a platform that keeps everything in one place – over and above their profile with the outcome from the Purpose Test, Passion Test and Value Test, but also all their DREAMS, FUTURE VISION, GOALS, DAILY ROUTINES, ACTIONS and PLANNING are available in ONE place and at your fingertips!

Intuitive and easy to read dashboards show the results of their personal assessments from GeniusU as well as how they have changed over time.

The Genius Planner platform allows you to mentor your client in real time using the built in messaging system while the client can update his or her progress at the touch of a button, and you are able to view this instantaneously!

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Become More Billable – Find a quick, easy way to increase your revenue in your mentoring business!

The ICF (the coaching industry’s trade group) estimates that coaches and mentors have an average annual income ranging from as little as $27,100 to $73,100 with some specialty coaches making over $100,000. Wouldn’t you like your revenue to increase while you have access to a tool that assists you in making your business more efficient?

How do you measure your effectiveness as a mentor? There is definitely no easy and tangible way to measure how and where your client is improving.

The Genius Planner Platform is designed to deepen your level of mentoring by providing you with accurate, real time insights on your clients, that would normally take hours to gather, by helping you correlate, measure and become more effective!

Become Visible to potential clients – Mentors don’t find clients, clients find Mentors.

People seek out mentors when they want to elevate their performance, find focus and clarity, and in order to obtain access to clients that are searching, you need to be visible in a totally new way in today’s competitive market.

By joining the Genius Planner Platform NOW, you will be one of the first 20 mentors promoting your mentoring business to thousands of potential new clients who are all actively searching for the right mentor for them, before anyone else!

There is also the opportunity to become one of FOUR Head Mentors who will be able provide content on the platform and further showcase their business.


The intrinsic value to seeing a client in flow is immeasurable

You became a Mentor to help people to realise their full potential, set goals and achieve them for a successful and happy life.

Genius Planner provides you with a tool that you can use to help clients stay centred and in flow while guiding their natural path by doing the things that they are passionate about that fits in with their purpose.

You get to help clients spend the right amount of time on the right ACTIONS making sure their most important GOALS are being worked on.

Ensuring that they are living a life of PURPOSE, PASSION and in FLOW is PRICELESS.

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The Go-To place for Mentors to grow their influence and engage with new and existing clients.

Mentors can view their clients Genius Planner account showing not only their GeniusU profile, including PURPOSE, PASSIONS and VALUES but also:

The build in Messaging system allows you to work through all the above online with your clients!
Mentor display cards on the NOTICEBOARD and placement throughout the platform ensure continued visibility.

Genius Planner Mentors


“I’m super excited that we are partnering with Genius Planner. This is an absolutely fantastic tool for our mentors and their clients, to really get to know how well they are living life in their “Ikiagi” and in their flow. It’s easy to use, very practical to improve your productivity and effectiveness and best of all its fun!”

Michelle Clarke, Chief Partnerships Officer - GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute

Annual Genius Planner Mentor Subscription $1,495 YOU PAY $0-00

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There are 5 places available during the month of June. Change your mentoring business today!


  • 12 Months access to the Mentor’s Portal
  • 25 Premium Genius Planner Premium user accounts valid for 5 Years. (Value = $7,500)
  • Premium Brand and Display Card placement for the first 12 Months. (Value = $1,500)
  • Business Card Listing on Genius Planner Platform and Website for 12 months (Value = $1,500)
  • Promotion through Genius Planner’s social media, webinars and newsletters.
  • Direct access to the 1000+ people joining from the Citizen Genius Card
  • Genius Planner Mentor badge that can be added to your marketing material
  • Membership of the Genius Planner Inner Circle, provides direct support, access to beta versions of Genius Planner for testing and providing input into the development and future of Genius Planner.


100% risk-free gurantee

We are convinced that you will be a happy Genius Planner Coach and will enjoy being part of our community.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product within 30 days after the Platform is launched, we will give you a full refund.

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