Leigh Farnell - Genius Planner

For the past 30 years Leigh Farnell has worked in the trenches of Australasian business, coaching Management and Sales Teams in some of Australia’s largest and smallest businesses. He has consistently succeeded in helping over 300 businesses adding an estimated $200,000,000 to their sales and profits. Leigh is Founder of the International Academy of Sales and Service which teaches the powerful Colour Zone System of Sales and Service to help clients consistently break their best ever sales records then scale their businesses to maximise influence, impact and income. Leigh combines his unique background in Sports Science and Human Performance with his 30 year’s experience in Sales, Leadership, Marketing and Innovation Coaching to create fantastic performance breakthrough’s for his clients. Over $200 Million Dollars in Improved Performance for his Clients Leigh is a Business Innovation Specialist specialising in working with Leaders and Sales Teams to optimise innovation, sales, profits and team performance.