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Importance Aligned Planning

Why Planning and alignment are important parts of Goals Setting.

Envision that you just woke up from a good night’s sleep. You jump out of bed, turn on some soothing music, follow your morning ritual, pull on your running shoes and head out for a good jog near the beach.

You return home, take a shower, make a healthy breakfast, you feel pumped and yell out ‘I am fantastic!’. Because you’ve made a verbal commitment to it, you’re are fantastic.

You sit at your table to get into the rest of your morning schedule. Since you are fresh and positivity is flowing through your body, you reflect on your purpose of life, what you are passionate about, meditate, check on your core values, journal, write down the day’s action items in your diary. When all is done, you feel super-motivated and prepared to take on another day of your life.

Doesn’t that sound like a perfect start for an awesome day?

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

When it comes down to a well-designed life, planning plays a critical role. Planning and scheduling your essential goals keep you on track with the tasks that lead directly to success. It is a great way to train your mind and weigh more on the priorities of your life.

Passion, Purpose and Values – Add meaning to your life

We keep on living our lives without truly contemplating what is important, what is imperative to us, why we do the things we do, or what is possible. To make our lives worthy, it is important to have a sense of purpose, follow your passion and add value.

Your Purpose is your big ‘WHY?’, Why do you want to do what you do. Passion is ‘WHAT’ you love. Your Values are ‘Who’ you are. Create an IKIGAI chart. You can read more about IKIGAI here.

When you answer these three simple things and align it with your goals, you not only add meaning to your goal but to your life as well. You will know what areas of life are essential to you; you will learn the priorities of your life, and drill down deeper into your real self.

Align your Goals and Dreams to your Passion, Purpose & Values

We all have dreams. We understand what delights us, what we love, and we may have an ambitious plans of how we want to achieve it. In any case, defining clear goals and objectives are invaluable in creating your environment and a meaningful life. When you’ve recognized your passion, purpose and values, composing your goals around it is the next step. When you know what your Purpose, Passions and Values are, setting GOALS is a lot easier than when you don’t. Kind of like trying to pin a target on a tree, except you don’t have a tree.

We frequently miss the mark when it comes to achieving our goals. We write them down and then fail to add any action to the goal, as if it will achieve itself. For there to be success you need to ensure you have a plan that it is filled with meaningful action items.

Meaningful actions need four major components, that follow our energies:

  1. WHAT – properly define what the action will achieve?
  2. WHO –  We are not isalnds, write down who you need to do this with? It could be yourself, but life is easier with a partner and victory, sweeter when shared.
  3. WHEN – Must have a time frame and a due date! Plan when you will start the action item, how long it will take and when it will be completed.
  4. HOW –  Write down not only how you will do it but also how you will know if it has been done with measurable metrics. A Pro-tip here is to use a verb. This way, you turn a TO-Do into an Action.

But, with actions, you also need to plan well for them.

Why is Daily Planning necessary?

Planning is a vital activity because it creates a map that lays the groundwork for other actions. The plan itself determines what to do, by whom, where, when, and how. Regardless of whether you are beginning a business or attempting to finish school, you need to organize what it is that you need to achieve and set up a plan for achieving it.

  • Planning will lessen the stress significantly. Legitimate planning gives you peace of mind to realize that you have planned a functional activity plan and that your targets can be achieved through it.
  • Planning also helps you be aware of any hindrances or obstacles that may come up allowing you to put some contingency in place.
  • Planning is an approach to evaluate your progress while you are working. The scheduling of your daily and weekly tasks will clearly show whether you remain on the plan or not.

How to do daily planning?

Just do it! Set aside a specific and finite time to do your planning. That too needs a deadline, set aside 30 minutes a day to do your planning and an additional hour a week to review your GOALS, what you have achieved and priorities for the following week. Anything that you haven’t scheduled into your day in 30 minutes is either not necessary, or you probably won’t get to it.

We need to plan those activities in and make sure that by doing them we are working towards our goals otherwise we do whatever comes in, for whoever shouts loudest or watch kitten videos.

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