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Your Future Vision in 6 Easy Steps

Your Future Vision in 6 Easy Steps

We are coming to the end of the year and the end of the decade. For most of us it has been quite a disruptive decade with volatile financial markets and weather patterns with one major city nearly running out of water and others nearly drowning in too much water. We have also seen major technological advancements particularly in the medical, retail and transport fields.

With all this behind us, what does the next year have in store, never mind the next 10 years. We will all feel more compelled than ever before to make New Years resolutions and promise ourselves to stick to them.

The problem is, we don’t.

There are three major reason why we do not stick to our resolutions;

  • They are not specific enough.
  • They worded to negatively and
  • They are not relevant or believable.

So how do we combat this?

We write a future vision statement. “But, aren’t all vision statements are about the future?” Yes, but this time, date the statement in the future and write it in the past tense as if it has already happened.

Here are 6 steps to writing out your vision for 2020.

Step 1 – Future Date

Make the date of your statement 1 January 2021. By future dating your statement you are already telling yourself that it is done, which is a powerful affirmation.

Step 2 – Be Grateful

T is difficult to be grateful for things that have yet to happen. We do sometimes thank people in advance for their cooperation, particularly in business, but this is more manipulation than gratitude. Gratitude makes you very aware of the good things that have happened to you and the positive consequences. By having a future dated statement, you give yourself the opportunity to be grateful. Start you vision statement with;

“I am grateful for … “

So, if you want to run a marathon next year, you could write it as;

“I am so grateful for my health and fitness that has allowed me to complete my first marathon.”

Step 3 – It is not all about you!

Be grateful for your family and friends that you are surrounded by and write down their 2020 successes too. Sharing your successes with your friends and family, and theirs with you, creates a formidable communal interest for all of you to succeed in the year ahead.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed” – Booker T Washington

Step 4 – Make it relevant.

Your statement must be relevant to you by incorporating your Purpose, Passions and Values. Aligning your statement with who you are makes it so much more believable and therefore achievable. Further to that if your vision is related to your purpose in life and what you intend to impact then it becomes a potent motivating force.

Step 5 – Be Specific

Add a date and place and result to your written statement. Take our objective from earlier about the marathon and reword it and you could get something like;

“I am grateful for my health and fitness which enabled me to complete the Boston marathon, and my first marathon in under 5 hours.”

Step 6 – Share it!

Share it, don’t keep it a secret. So many of us are afraid of sharing their vision for themselves. This is a genuine fear of either sounding silly and / or failure. But the problem with that is if you do not write it to be shared you wont make bold plans, because no-one wants to hear you make mediocre plans, then there is that dreaded fear of failure, so we don’t tell anyone. By doing that you are setting yourself up for failure because you don’t have any accountability. Share it loud and with as many people as possible. Your friends and family will not only hold you accountable, but they will also know where they can help.

Final Tip

“Give up smoking” (That’s not the tip, although a very good idea) could be written as “I am so grateful for the renewed energy I have and find it much easier to breath and exercise and no longer find the need to smoke. My family loves it to”

I wish you all a peaceful festive season and an amazing 2020.

I will be sharing my 01012021 statement on our Facebook Group, Genius Planners, please share yours.

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